Coronavirus (COV-19)

Coronavirus (COV-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus ( Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 - SARS-CoV-2 .

Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment, and for the majority – especially for children and young adults – illness due to COVID-19 is generally minor.

Most people infected with COVID 19 will experience only mild to moderate symptoms and recover without the need for special treatment.

The virus that causes COVID 19 is mainly transmitted through secretions released by an infected person when they cough, sneeze or inhale. Because these secretions are heavier than they can hold in the air, they quickly fall to the floor or surface.A person can be infected by inhaling the virus through close contact with someone infected with COVID 19, or by touching an infected surface with their own eyes, nose, or mouth

Its rapid spreading property and absence of natural dense mechanisms in human body that made Sars Covi-2 the most dreaded pandemic in recent history.

How do we defend ourselves against COVID 19 infection ?

Social Distancing, Mask, and Sanitisation (SMS) Protocol - from WHO to the Health authorities of each and every country is constantly drumming up virtues of this measures .

COVID 19 Defence activities should be done by the community as a whole, in which what is the relevance of the individual health care app

How a mobile app can strengthen these functions

In case of COVID 19 We have reached a state of community transmission . In this context each person becomes a link in a chain or web. The weakest link in this chain is likely to break. Each individual needs to strive to strengthen this network. Health workers can move forward efficiently if the infected person is accurately and honestly reporting disease information.

That chain or network will remain strong if everyone in each area or institution or community makes a sincere effort.

The Life Bee COVID 19 module can play a significant role in such an activity

A mobile application that allows individuals to contact a doctor or other healthcare provider as soon as they notice any symptoms of COVID 19 infection or similar - that's the LifeBee COVID 19 module

The Central Government's application 'Arogya Setu' is available, do you need another app?

Aarogya Setu is a contact tracing app. It operates at another level of COVID 19 defence .That is, it forms the link between the government and the public. It works by collecting information from networks , blue tooth ,GPS etc

But LifeBee is a personal app. Here we are not collecting your information . It works on a principle of “Stay connected , Stay secure “

In return you get the information of your loved ones and you can share info with your family and close ones . You are connected to your doctors and health care workers

Life Bee app is not a substitute for Aarogya setu . Download and save both apps on your mobile

Which category of people will have maximum benefit from the app ?

Life Bee Android Mobile App is one of the best apps available in the field of personal healthcare. It focuses on life style disease and chronic diseases .

COVID 19 is a disease that affects peoples and peoples of all parts of the world. Keeping this app on everyone's mobile should be made part of the individual COVID 19 defences is a disease that affects peoples and peoples of all parts of the world. Keeping this app on everyone's mobile should be made part of the individual

This app will be useful for any category of people

Life Bee Android Mobile App is the best app available in the field of personal healthcare.

COVID 19 is a disease that affects peoples and peoples of all parts of the world. Keeping this app on everyone's mobile should be made part of the individual COVID 19 defences

Beneficial to Home Care, Quarantine, Home Isolation, Health Workers, People in Continental Areas, and COVID Treatment Centres.

Is this the first Android mobile app available in Malayalam?

Life bee may be the first healthcare app to have COVID modules available in Malayalam COVID 19 module is available in English and Malayalam in the application

Doctor This app is only available on Android. Is this app available on Apple iPhone?

Life Bee is currently only available on Android phones, but it is hoped that the iPhone app will be available soon.

How do we use the app to record information - can you explain?

The information is very easy to record. There will be a question about each major symptom. The answer to that, will be with it. that can be given in simple single words. Simply press the accompanying button

Can the Fever module in Life Streams be used for COVID tracking?

Of course . This is a module for recording fever. Temperature can be recorded in Celsius and Fahrenheit. In addition to blood pressure and oxygen levels SpO2 / O2 ratio, pulse rate and respiration rate can also be recorded and information can be recorded any number of times a day. This can be viewed as a list

What happens in the application when the symptoms are recorded in it

The app categorizes the symptoms. The disease is defined into three categories: mild, moderate, and severe. This is done using the data scores within the application

How to transfer information from this app to doctor or other healthcare professionals

The information from this is very easy to transfer - just go to the module Life Bee Report. Click on the COVID 19 tab .Add an email or WhatsApp number. Enter the sent button. Information can be transferred from the Life Bee card module. Click on the Personal Health Report button .It can be shared via WhatsApp

What is the Daily Checker for? How can an organisation take advantage of the COVID 19 module?

The Daily Checker is designed to record COVID 19 symptoms every day. Of these, only five questions are asked. This is in the form of daily attendance.

It is a module that can be used by people working in hospitals and other institutions, people in a cantonment zone, members of an organisation, etc., wherever they work or engage in activities .The goal is to record symptoms on a daily basis.

This information can also be made available to a control board by the supervisor or head of the organization

Where does the information goes from COVID 19 module

The information from this app goes to the Amazon Cloud Server based in India. Your data is secured in a way that no one else can see. On the Life Bee card, simply change the Life Bee Care option. Make it self-care

Can the module be used for tracking the headaches, aches and pains in Life Streams?

Definitely can be used. The information recorded in all this can be sent to the doctor

Do you have to follow the instructions that come with it?

Recommendations include light home care, moderate medical care, and intensive hospital care.

These instructions are guidelines or instructions that come from a program. Always follow the advice of a doctor or healthcare professional in case of illness